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XLR 3 Pin Female To 1/4 Inch / 6.3mm Mono Microphone / Headphone Cable
Product Model:SH10-026
Product Details:


XLR 3 Pin Female To 1/4 Inch / 6.3mm Mono Microphone / Headphone Cable

Pin XLR Female To 6.35 Male Plug professional microphone cable

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Product Description


3Pin XLR Connector to 6.35 Plug :

3Pin XLR Female To 6.35 Male Plug professional microphone cable


3Pin XLR Connector to 6.35 Plug Features :


                       Temperature: -30~80C


                       Withstand voltage: AC 1500V(50Hz)min


                       Rated Voltage: AC 50V


                       Insertion and Extraction Force: ≤20N


                       Contact Resistance: ≤0.03 Ohm


                              Insulation Resistance: ≥100M Ohm


                       Life: 5000 times

Product Application

Three-pin XLR connectors are by far the most common style, and are an industry standard for balanced audio signals. The great majority of professional microphones use the XLR connector. In previous years, they were used for loudspeaker connections, for instance by Trace Elliot in its bass enclosures.The XLR could accept 14 AWG (1.6 mm) wire with a current-carrying capacity of 15 amps, suitable for most loudspeakers, but they have been superseded by the Speakon connector for professional loudspeakers. The Speakon connector accepts larger wire and carries more current, and it provides a better shield for the contacts, which may carry dangerous voltages when connected to an amplifier.

Three-pin XLR connectors are used to interconnect powered speakers with line-level signals. This use is commonly seen in PA system applications and seems to be growing more common.

Rechargeable devices exist that use three-pin XLR connectors. These can be found on electric powered mobility wheelchairs and scooters. The connectors carry from 2 to 10 amps at 24 volts.

An obsolete use for three pin XLR connectors was for MIDI data on some Octave-Plateau synthesizers including the Voyetra-8.

The three pin XLR connector is commonly used for DMX512, on lighting and related control equipment.,[7] particularly at the budget / DJ end of the market. However, using 3pin XLR connectors for DMX512 is specifically prohibited by section 7.1.2 of the DMX512 standard.[8] Use of the 3pin XLR in this context firstly presents a risk of damage to the lighting equipment should an audio cable carrying 48 volt phantom power be accidentally connected, and secondly encourages the use of cable following analogue audio specifications for DMX, which can lead to signal degradation and unreliable operation of the DMX network.

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