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3 Pin Male Audio Connector Cannon XLR
Product Model:SH-K005
Product Details:

 Designation:  3-pin XLR Female Connector

 Material:  Rubber and Gold
 Color:  Black,Red,Green,Bule,Orange
 Bezel:  27*36.5mm
 Overall depth:  37mm

 Packing Size:  38*20*22cm

 Current Rating:  15A at 120Vac 

 Contact Resistance:  5mΩ max

 Feature:    Professional audio plug. No rivet installation,convenient  disassembly.Easy to use and  long  service life.Clearly high school bass. Make of heavy-duty material.Gold plating.

 Application:   It's used to electronic music product,as amplifer, mixer,  speaker, microphone and  so on.

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