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Industrial automation domain binding clamp remote growth space

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Comes to fruition along with the electrical factory in Chinese this land, binding clamp's demand was falls short of demand, enables the binding clamp industry to obtain the rapid development. Realizes the integrated circuit and so on between each kind of electronic primary device's wiring and the electrical connection or the electric insulation, the binding clamp is playing the important role.

    The industrial automation degree is getting higher and higher and the industrial control request is getting more and more strict, precisely, binding clamp's amount used rises gradually. At present uses widely besides the PCB binding clamp, but also has the hardware post, cap nut post, spring post and so on. The binding clamp has the good electrical specification and the mechanical property. But the central connection also available side inserts the type bridge piece connection;

    In the high-pressured frequency changer, connects the strong and the weak electricity impediment for the processing unit which in the multi-level high pressure frequency changer binding clamp between the master Connectors Terminals china system and the power unit exists, and between the power unit and the power unit's electromagnetism disturbs the question. The frequency changer binding clamp, on the terminal row the establishment has the post trough, the nut installs, in the post stands in line on the post trough's wiring hole, each post trough adds the copper bar to be fixed.

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